Competitive & Product Strategy

New Kent’s clients compete in highly competitive markets and require bold, winning strategies. With our clients, we jointly create these strategies by blending temporary competitive frameworks with insights that can only be gained from competing in these markets. New Kent has over 20 years of competing in its core practice markets and brings a truly unique perspective. This perspective allows clients to understand the pitfalls and opportunities associated with strategic options so they can quickly choose a strategy and “get down to business.” Strategic practice areas include:

• Corporate Strategy
• Business Unit Strategy
• Growth and Innovation
• Product Evaluation and Design

Current and Prior Engagements
  • Market assessment and product ideation for an international expansion opportunity of a large multi-national information services company
  • Product ideation and identification of acquisition targets for a large multi-national information services company
  • Portfolio assessment and strategic re-positioning for multiple private technology analytics companies
Corporate Strategy

NKCC uses a proven theoretical framework to carefully evaluate current strategy. This framework is used to deliver a structured assessment of the business’ capital position and strategic financing options, its Human, IP and Technical resources, and its current business strategies. Working with executive management, New Kent identifies potential strategic options , weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Business Units Strategy

Most New Kent clients are global in scope or compete in multiple markets. Therefore, general corporate strategies must be further refined at the Business Unit (BU) level. Again, proven theoretical frameworks are deployed to analyze the BU’s competitive advantages for strength and duration. This analysis includes a detailed strategic assessment of the market and the competitors. This work also includes an assessment of potential threats from new technologies or entrants. The goal of this work is to maximize BU earnings, with a focus on growth.

Growth and Innovation

Our clients realize that long-term success comes from sustainable growth. Our research has shown that sustainable growth is not realized by a superior product or technology, but from a implementing a business model that relentlessly pursues new product development and innovation. And like any process, it must be designed and maintained. New Kent works with clients to develop growth and Innovation-led processes that will deliver long term growth.

Product Evaluation and Design

New Kent’s principals have years of experience in designing and launching information products and technology services, pioneering many products that continue to dominate the landscape of the markets our clients compete in. This unique knowledge provides unmatched expertise for our clients. We can quickly evaluate current products and working with a client’s product development staff, craft new solutions for the market. Our framework includes an in-depth review of underlying data sources, data compilation techniques and delivery mechanisms.